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One key to a successful counseling experience is the FIT between you and the therapist - find someone who you feel GETS you. Change takes hard work and commitment. Walking down that road with a counselor you trust can ease the way. It is my sincere desire to walk alongside each of my clients as they strive toward a better, fuller, happier life. To that end, I offer the following services:

  • Individual Counseling: tailored to the unique needs of each client using developmentally-appropriate techniques

  • Couples Counseling: aimed at addressing relationship issues, building communication skills and resolving conflict

  • Family Counseling: provides an opportunity for the entire family system to be involved in problem-solving sessions and to build stronger communication skills

  • Parent Support: sessions designed to enhance parenting skills and foster positive parent-child relationships

  • Group Counseling: allows clients to work with others on issues like anger management and self-esteem

As an ecclectic, creative counselor, I draw from a variety of treatment modalities to find an approach uniquely suited to each individual working with me.

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If you are experiencing an emergency and require immediate assistance please contact one of the following for help:

  • National:
  • International: Befrienders Woldwide: Befrienders centers work to reduce suicide worldwide with 31,000 volunteers in almost 40 countries. They available to help you right now!

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